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Chakrasamvara Drupchen is a powerful practice that includes creating the full Sand Mandala and practicing the complete sadhana, including the feast offering, every day. It is especially helpful for overcoming obstacles for the coming year. The more →

ONLINE • Chakrasamvara Drupchen

Greg Smith

May 7–17, 2022
Join international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for five days of deep healing and life-changing self care. Discover why suffering such as anxiety, depression, addiction, illness, and relationship problems are logical cries from your body, soul, and more →
Ease into new habits that support your body, speech and mind with this meditation kickstarter weekend. Who needs a meditation kickstarter? We all do every now and then. llll Take a Joyful Approach... Give your meditation more →

Meditation Kickstarter

Dhi Good

June 17–19, 2022
. Resuscitate, Replenish, Transcend & Transform Discover the power of compassionate awareness by bringing mindfulness into your daily life. During this nourishing retreat, we will embrace our vulnerabilities and allow them to safely guide us into more →

Lila Yoga® Mindfulness Retreat

Erica Kaufman

June 24–26, 2022
Our bodies hold emotions, images, patterns, and stories. When we inhabit our bodies through mindfulness practices, we come to know ourselves as complete and wakeful beings. During this rejuvenating program, we will play with the four more →

Women’s Summer Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Katharine Kaufman

July 27–31, 2022
Join international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for a weekend that will offer you a safe environment to address your core fears, transform negative thinking, and find clarity around shaping the life and health you want. The more →
Andrew Holecek
From a spiritual perspective, death is the crowning moment of life. The karma that brought us into this life is exhausted, and the bad habits that will propel us into our next one have not yet more →