Hybrid Program


Dr. Lama Alta Brown and David Soucy

August 9–15, 2023

lThe English Version of the Surmang Chöd Chöd is a practice of compassion. As Vajrayogini, meditators offer the visualization of their body to the beings they invite to three feasts. The feasts are the activity of the Buddha Vajrayogini. Through her activity, the energies of the “god-demons” are transmuted. The demons, whether negative emotions, illness, […]

LAND • Death and the Art of Dying: Deep Dive into the Luminous Bardo

Andrew Holecek

August 18–24, 2023

From a spiritual perspective, death is the crowning moment of life. The karma that brought you into this life is exhausted, and the karma (habits) that will propel you into the next one hasn’t yet formed. This gap (bardo) provides a golden opportunity for rapid spiritual progress – if you are prepared. This week-long program […]