Liability Release

Please read. All guests are required to agree to and comply with the Center’s Liability Release and Terms and Conditions by clicking on the check box on the Program Registration Page prior to participating in any Drala Mountain Center program.

I intend to participate in a program at Drala Mountain Center (the “Center”). I understand that as a condition of my participation, I am requested to provide this Release from Liability to the Center, and I wish to do so as my voluntary act.

I understand that the Center is located in a rural, mountainous setting, at an elevation of 8,000 feet. There are significant, unavoidable risks of harm in such an environment, up to and including severe personal injury or death. I realize that living at the Center and participating in the program also involves a risk of harm. I have had the opportunity to consider the risks that I am assuming by residing at the Center and/or participating in a program. Understanding these risks, I accept full responsibility for my own well-being and safety while at the Center.

If bringing any minors, I understand that I am fully responsible for the safety and conduct of these children. I understand that while the Center may provide supervised childcare at certain times, this does not change my responsibility for minors under my care.

Medical Conditions:  It is my sole responsibility to inform the Center of any medical condition(s) that may affect me while attending a program on campus. I understand that the nearest pharmacy and professional medical care are at least an hour away. It is my responsibility to ensure that I have enough of any medication I may be taking for the entire duration of my stay. I understand that some conditions can become more aggravated at high altitude and/or high altitude may aggravate an otherwise stable medical condition. I accept full responsibility for my mental and physical well-being while in this environment. I have consulted with my healthcare provider about any concerns I have prior to registering for my program.

Emergency Medical Care:  I understand that the Center is not responsible for providing emergency medical care during my visit. If the Center determines that emergency medical services are required for myself or minors under my care, I authorize the Center to arrange such care solely at my own expense. I agree to pay or reimburse the Center for all such expenses immediately upon request.

Vehicle Damage: I understand the Center is not responsible for any damage caused to vehicles while at Drala Mountain Center. I release the Center for any damage done to my vehicle because of rugged terrain, weather, wildlife, other vehicles, and all other sources of damage.

With these understandings, I agree that to the fullest extent permitted by law, I release the Center, its directors, employees, and representatives from liability for any damages or losses on account of personal injury, whether physical or psychological, up to and including death, to me or my children, or damage to my property suffered from any cause while I am present at the Center. This release does not, however, include injury suffered due to the negligence of the Center.

I have read these terms and agree to provide a signed Release from Liability to the Guest Services staff upon my arrival, prior to participating in any program. I understand that failure to provide a signed release could prohibit my participation in the program for which I am registered and that all payments made by me for this program will be forfeited.