Financial Assistance

The heart of Drala Mountain Center’s mission is to provide a refuge for intensive meditation practice. To further that mission we offer numerous self-select discounts as well as scholarships for meditation intensive retreats.

Reduced Tuition Offerings

Choose Your Tuition Level

Some of our programs have a 3-tiered tuition rate. You will see tiered rates listed on the program description page if this is applicable.

Reduced Tuition Programs

Some programs offer $0 tuition or a low tuition rate. This is noted on the program description to the right under the heading “TUITION.”

Reduced Lodging Rates

Curved Lodging

Programs over seven nights have had their lodging rates “curved” (discounted by various percentages depending on the lodging type) to make longer programs more affordable. To further subsidize certain retreats, the curved rate has been increased beyond the standard curve.

Subsidized Rate

If the price of the retreat is not workable, you may self-select the Subsidized Rate on the registration page of your chosen retreat. Our Subsidized Rate offers a $70 per night rate for Seasonal Dorm/Shared Bath accommodations in the winter and Tent Double accommodations in the summer. This includes both lodging and meals but does not include program tuition. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts or scholarships. If you don’t see this option, please email to inquire about eligibility.

Student & Senior Discounts

We offer a 10% discount on lodging and meals for Full Time Students and Seniors (ages 66+). If you qualify for this discount please enter the appropriate discount code listed in the discount section on the registration page. This offer cannot be combined with subsidized rate or scholarships.


Scholarships are available for selected meditation intensive retreats, selected online programs, and Social Impact programs. Assistance is given in the form of a discount on lodging and meals, except for online programs, for which tuition may be discounted. Levels of support are based on previous meditation retreat experience and/or financial need. Scholarships cannot be combined with subsidized rate or discounts. Learn more about Scholarships.

Additional Outside Resources

Shambhala Credit Union

If you are seeking a loan to fund your program, consider the option of inquiring with Shambhala Credit Union. Visit the Shambhala Credit Union at or call 1-303-444-9003 and one of their representatives will kindly assist you.

Please note: The information provided is for informational purposes only. Drala Mountain Center does not endorse obtaining financing from any specific lender, including Shambhala Credit Union.