Wisdom Traditions

Wisdom traditions represent mankind’s deepest source of knowledge about universal principles that govern harmonious, prosperous and sustainable existence. The term is often given to the inner core or mystical aspects of a religion or spiritual tradition, without the trappings, doctrines, sectarianisms and power structures often associated with institutionalized religions. Wisdom traditions provide a conceptual framework for the development of the inner self, living a spiritual life and the realization of enlightenment.

Shambhala Mountain Center has been offering programs steeped in contemplative wisdom traditions from around the world for more than 40 years. We regularly host world-renowned teachers and indigenous wisdom keepers who have cultivated the knowledge, through their own personal practices and ancestral teachings, to be able to reach out and lead others skillfully along their own path.

From various Buddhist lineages and Shamanic cultures, to previously held secret practices of Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong, to ancient healing traditions using plant spirits, herbs, dreams, yoga, meditation and more, our Wisdom Traditions programs allow for exploring many different paths along the journey towards transformation of self and society.

ONLINE • Chakrasamvara Intensive

Greg Smith

December 8–15, 2023

This is the online registration page. If you would like to participate on the land at Drala Mountain Center, please click here. This Hybrid Chakrasamvara Intensive is geared toward the accumulation of the recitation practice in a group setting. If you are just learning the practice, this is a good opportunity to become more familiar […]

Authentic Presence and the Feminine Principle

Susan Piver and Michael Carroll

June 26–July 6, 2024

A 10-Day Heart Sutra Meditation Retreat TUITION IS FREE FOR THIS PROGRAM. YOU PAY ONLY FOR LODGING AT DMC.   Offered in partnership with The Wisdom Seat and the Open Heart Project. The Heart Sutra – the most pith of the Prajnaparamita Sutras – is a central text throughout all of Buddhism. It is widely […]