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The Art of Meditation: A Weeklong Retreat

Loden Nyima

April 5–12, 2024

Meditation is ultimately a process of accepting and befriending ourselves completely, all the way to our natural basic goodness.  In the process, we will encounter not only our innate ability to rest and rejuvenate truly, but also lots of ups and downs, intense emotions, unprocessed material, cycles of inspiration and discouragement, and questions about how […]

Entering the Vajra World: A Three-Yana Retreat

Adrienne Chang, Gaylon Ferguson, June Crow, Andy Karr and Larry Mermelstein

July 19–August 18, 2024

Hosted by the Three Yanas Society and Drala Mountain Center Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche was one of the most influential Buddhist teachers of the 20th century. He encouraged deep training in meditation, study, and community life. His approach was ground-breaking, leading students through the three yanas (vehicles) and drawing on the profundity of the mahamudra and […]