Online Programs

Kagyu Ngondro Online Retreat

Martin Evans, Rhea Colmar and Jon Barbieri

March 14–17, 2024

You are warmly invited to join this online ngöndro gathering. Experience the power, energy, and magic that unfolds when practicing ngöndro during group retreat. This 4-day online practice intensive is a great opportunity to engage in the ngöndro practice as taught by the Vidyadhara, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The ngöndro intensive will include a rich mix […]

ONLINE • The Blissful Pure Lands

Andrew Holecek

May 20–26, 2024

The Pure Lands are an integral aspect of Tibetan Buddhism rarely taught in the West.  For most of us, they represent our greatest opportunity after death. This unique program explores exoteric (sutra) and esoteric (tantra) Pure Lands, offering everything you need to know about this noble tradition. You’ll learn about the origin and development of […]