Upcoming Qigong Retreats

Qigong is a powerful and accessible healing art. Through qigong practice and training, we achieve greater strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

The gentle movements and meditations of qigong practice have been passed down and refined for thousands of years; they are safe, effective, and can be utilized to great benefit by persons of all ages and abilities.

Deep Healing: A 5-Day Unconditional Self-Love, Qi Gong & Meditation Retreat

Blake D. Bauer

October 14–19, 2023

Join international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for five days of deep healing and life-changing self care. Discover why suffering such as anxiety, depression, addiction, illness, and relationship problems are logical cries from your body, soul, and subconscious mind asking you to finally value, accept, forgive, honor, and be true to yourself now, in every […]

Deep Self Love: A Weekend for Being & Healing through Unconditional Presence, Self-Love, Qi Gong & Meditation

Blake D. Bauer

December 8–10, 2023

Join international bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for a weekend of deep healing, meditation practice, and life-changing self-care. Designed to help you slow down completely and let go of illness-causing stress, this retreat will provide a safe environment to address your core fears, mend old wounds, transform negative thinking, and find clarity around shaping the […]