Qigong for the Seasons: Winter Qigong

Ronald Davis

November 14–16, 2014

Tuition $225 + 2 nights

This program has been cancelled.

We are part of nature. When the energy changes in nature it changes within us as well. If we wish to be naturally healthy, we must stay in harmony with seasonal changes. Qigong for the Seasons is based on the Five Phase paradigm, an enlightened program for comprehensive health care throughout the year. Each class consists of qigong exercises, meditation, and dietary guidelines. Winter Qigong focuses on kidney health, jing preservation, and cultivation of wisdom. This is the season to nourish the essence of body and mind: bones, spinal nerves, brain, and wisdom. You will learn kidney exercises, bone marrow cleansing, and the Bear Frolic for a complete qigong practice. Vivid meditations will transport qi through deep internal reservoirs, illuminating your destiny and vanquishing fear. There will also be extensive discussions on herbal tonics and food recipes. Join us as we explore what it takes for better health this winter.

Program Details

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