[VIDEO] Death and the Art of Dying: Deep Dive Into the Luminous Bardo – An Interview with Andrew Holecek

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“You have nothing to fear at the moment of death. You actually have everything to look forward to but….only if you’re prepared.”

In this video interview, Andrew Holocek shares how, from a spiritual perspective, death is really the crowning moment of life, and can provide a golden opportunity for rapid spiritual progress, because the karma that brought us into this life is exhausted, and the karma (habits) that will propel us into the next one hasn’t yet formed. He explains that preparation is key and also highly  empowering in that when we understand the mechanics of the whole process, we can work with it, understand it, work it into our system, help others, and then at the end of life, fundamentally celebrate.

Join Andrew this August for Death and the Art of Dying: Deep Dive into the Luminous Bardo

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  1. Andi Bruno says:

    re: Andrew Holecek program 8.18.23 – 8.24.23

    I want to sign-up BUT I have obligations that can not be changed the evenings of 8.18 & 8.19. Is it possible to get a more detailed agenda (times of the talks & practices)? Could the recordings be accessed the next morning to stay in step with the progression of the work and teachings??

    If what I am asking is too big of a pain, will there be a future offering of this material / workshop?

    Thank you in advance for your response(s).


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