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The Whirpool Dissolving Into The Stream

August 3, 2023

Death is actually not a state that you or any person enters. It is fundamentally just awareness itself relieved…

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The Art of Dying

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June 2, 2023

By Andrew Holecek The Three Bardos The Tibetan conception of death involves a passage through three bardo states. The…

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[VIDEO] Death and the Art of Dying: Deep Dive Into the Luminous Bardo – An Interview with Andrew Holecek

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May 8, 2023

"You have nothing to fear at the moment of death. You actually have everything to look forward to but....only…

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empty shoes

Traveling Light

August 23, 2013

by Andrew Holecek One of the biggest problems in death, as in life, is looking back, or being held…

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