Food Coach Marcella Friel on Buddhism, Body Image, and Forgiveness

Careful reflection or speaking with a contemplative eating coach can easily lead to the insight that our relationship with food is intimately woven into every aspect of our lives. From the gut to global society, consciousness to consumerism—what and how we eat shapes not only our bodies but our whole experience of the world. In some cases, it may be more pronounced: binging, purging, and obsessing. On other levels it may be slower, or more subtle. But every action has endless results, and the food we buy, chew, and swallow is most definitely not exempt from this truth known as karma.

As a longtime buddhist practitioner and food coach, Marcella Friel has a lot to say about all of this. Far from simply designing weight–loss plans, her work of guiding people in their journeys with food involves supporting them as they confront the deepest levels of their self–identity as well as coaching them in bringing forgiveness to wounded areas of their beings.   Intense as it is, the fruition of this work seems to be well worth it, as Marcella describes in the video below.

If you know that food is a problematic area of your life, or if you may be curious about how what you eat for lunch (or midnight snack) may be affecting the state of the world, I encourage you to check out this interview. And if you are ready to jump start the work of transformation that Marcella can facilitate, consider attending her upcoming retreat at SMC.

Shambhala Mountain Center hosts Women, Food, & Forgiveness: The Heroine’s Journey with Marcella Friel, April 19–23, 2017 — click here to learn more


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Marcella_FrielMarcella Friel passionately promotes healing foods, authentic beauty and personal transformation. Having cooked and taught in premier meditation and healing centers across North America since 1994, Marcella now runs Tapping with Marcella, a food and body image coaching practice that uses EFT to help health-conscious adults love and forgive themselves, their bodies and their food.  Connect with Marcella on Facebook and her Website // Tapping with Marcella

travisTravis Newbill (Good Highland Prankster) is a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, an MFA student in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University, and a student of Ikebana under Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei in both the Kalapa and Sogetsu schools. Singer-songwriter, poet/writer, and fan of the band Phish, Travis resides in Boulder, CO with his partner Heather. //


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