Flowing with the Seasons

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By Heather Lindemann

The realities of living in our modern culture can often impose a quick pace that is focused on “doing.” From getting to the next meeting to answering e-mails or texts, to checking off items on the never-ending to-do list, it’s easy to get consumed by the forward-moving cadence of a “productive” life. 

The natural flow of the seasons offers us another way to move through our day

Harmonizing with the natural ebb and flow of the seasons offers a powerful way to boost our well-being and infuse tranquility into our busy lives. This approach, steeped in age-old traditions, can be readily integrated through modest changes in our everyday routines. Embracing the rhythm of nature not only aligns us with the external world but also promotes internal balance and peace.

Autumn calls for introspection and release, mirroring the fall of leaves. Embrace this time by:

  • Reflecting on and letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Eating seasonal, grounding foods like apples and squashes.
  • Engaging in calming activities such as Yin yoga and meditative practices that create space.

Winter encourages us to turn inward, offering a period for rest and renewal. During this season:

  • Retreat into contemplative practices and set intentions for the future.
  • Consume warm, nourishing foods and spices to balance the cold.
  • Practice restorative yoga or Yoga Nidra to allow for deep rest and reflection.

Spring heralds new beginnings and growth, making it a time to:

  • Plant the seeds of new projects and nurture new habits.
  • Choose foods that invigorate the palate, like fresh greens and sprouts.
  • Employ breath-balancing techniques and gentle movements to embody the season’s essence.

Summer, with its vibrant energy, invites playfulness and outdoor activities. To align with summer:

  • Embrace spontaneity and outdoor experiences, connecting with nature.
  • Opt for cooling foods like cucumbers, mint, and fresh fruit to counteract the heat.
  • Enjoy energetic morning practices to bask in the early light.

Listen to your intuition as the seasons change, allowing it to guide your choices in nourishing your body and spirit. Trust in the wisdom of nature to provide the support you need throughout the year.

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About Heather Lindemann

A student, teacher and seeker of yoga for almost two decades, Heather Lindemann, 500 E-RYT, is a skilled yoga teacher specifically in the modalities of restorative yoga, gentle yoga, vinyasa flow (all levels) and Yoga Nidra. Heather received her restorative yoga training with Judith Hansen Lasater and is a member of the Yoga, Body Image Coalition. She has also participated in intensives with Sally Kempton who she considers her primary meditation teacher.

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