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There is something undeniably magical about the land at Shambhala Mountain Center. Literally and figuratively, it is the heart and foundation of the experience here. The powerful energy of the land can be experienced by simply being; in meditation, yoga or contemplation — but walking and exploring this area is meaningful in its own way, offering a chance to shift gears and restore the precious connection to our wild, natural environment.

A great opportunity to experience the land is via the Perimeter Trail (also known as the Shambhala Mountain Trail), a roughly 5-mile loop that circles around the 600-acre property of SMC. The trail is lovingly maintained by the Land Crew, and takes you through a diverse range of landscapes — from meadows, to marshes, forests, and rocky vistas. Along the way you can expect encounters with ancient rock formations, mysterious shrines, and the occasional moose. There is a largely untouched and highly diverse ecosystem to discover—home to countless wildflowers, pines, aspens, and juniper; coyotes, moose, deer, salamanders, and hummingbirds.

After living here for over a year, I’ve finally completed the full Perimeter Trail (with the help of some friends) and documented the experience to give you all the virtual tour, and hopefully inspire you to come experience this beautiful land for yourself.

entrancesignThe trail “officially” begins in the back East side of the long-term parking lot, although it can be entered from several different places on the land.


beginning-marpabeginning-fieldbuddhapointobeliskThe Obelisk

approaching-marpamarpa-facing-flagsMarpa Point — a natural monument of sacred energy on the land.

Along the trail behind Marpa Point you’ll come across this shrine for Beat poet and student of Chögyam Trungpa, Allen Ginsberg.

marpa-stupa deityredmarkerLook for these red markers to guide you along the way.

Did you know that the Ponderosa Pine smells like butterscotch?

cabin midway-rocks stupa-rockredfeather-viewEnjoy the stunning view of the land from Red Feather Peak!

redfeather-buddha redfeather-flags rf-view-zach2Be careful coming down (or up) the section to & from Red Feather Peak, it’s pretty steep.

trail-end moi

And that’s a wrap! We hope to see you exploring this awesome trail soon.


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& aspiring astronaut. Her interests include adventure, human spirituality, fried egg sandwiches, and saving Planet Earth.
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