Wisdom Sky

By Anna Freundl ~~~

When I take a walk, there is a subtle shift in my consciousness, an opening. Yesterday, while walking to lunch, I looked up and saw a beautiful sight, a vast sight that couldn’t be contained to a description. Earth met Heaven. This tree had a stream of brilliance ascending from its crown. Surrounding clouds caressed the sky in this way I have never seen. There were long, patient brush strokes, and subtle shapes, as if the wind was nature’s breath painting a canvas before my eyes. My non-conceptual mind met my surroundings in this direct way, there was no question I was experiencing what Choygam Trungpa might refer to as “ordinary magic.” I believe that these are the brief moments we have that teach us enlightenment. To me, enlighten means to take off weight. When we meet nature, including our minds, for what it is in that moment, our thoughts settle simultaneous to our heart reaching out its arms as if it were coming home.

When my mind began to activate after the serene peace, I couldn’t help but think that I was being communicated with by the Universe. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t, but it sure felt wonderful.


AnnaMy name is Anna Freundl. I was raised in Wisconsin, graduated from college in Chicago, studied abroad in Italy, and now about to move to New Orleans after growing and strengthening my heart at Shambhala Mountain Center for a year. While I was here, I became a Buddhist. I’m a young aspiring writer. My aspirations that I have for this world and this human population is for the magic of the world to feel normal and real, you and I to feel worthy, and the rain that comes down to feel invited.

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