The donothing Leadership Retreat — Testimonials

Hear what attendees had to say about their experience at the donothing Leadership Silent Retreat, and how taking the most rewarding leadership challenge impacted them, their business and community.

About Rob Dube | President, imageOne
imageOne is ranked one of Forbes Top 25 Small Businesses in America and #1 Top Workplace in Detroit

From Blow Pops to Forbes Best Small Companies! Rob started his first business in high school selling Blow Pops out of his locker. For the last 28 years, he’s served as President and Co-founder of imageOne, ranked as one of the Top 25 Small Businesses in America on the 2017 list of Forbes Small Giants.

Throughout Rob’s entrepreneurial journey, he’s developed an unwavering passion for delivering extraordinary experiences that positively impact the lives of his team members, the goals of their customers, and the fabric of the community…A unique approach to business that has driven the company to success in its industry, and as a top workplace. imageOne is simply the best at helping clients optimize and manage print, automate business process, and secure documents and is well-known as an exceptional company, receiving local and national recognition for its multi-award-winning culture.

Rob is an avid meditator of 14 years, the author of a best-selling book, donothing,™ the most rewarding leadership challenge you will ever take, and organizer of the donothing™ workshops and leadership silent retreats.

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