A Simple Visualization Meditation from Yogacharya Erica Kaufman

By Erica Kaufman

I developed this simple meditation to help people experience a state of yoga—where the mind is clean and clear. The feedback has been remarkable.  Visualizations like this tend to free us in a profound way and we actually experience limitless support as we sit. The tools of yoga are vast and highly useful. I grew up with yoga and am energized to support you in the many ways it feeds our soul and health.

  • Imagine the divine sweet scent of the trees at Shambhala. Close your eyes and watch your breath. Regulate your pace and make the habitat for your breath spacious by sitting with a long spine and a broad chest.
  • Comfortably slow and deepen your breath. Continue for a few minutes.
  • Now take note of where your mind usually goes. Ask yourself: “what are the things that have been drawing my attention lately?” See them in your mind as a slide show.
  • Just like cards, collect these slides and set them aside for now.
  • Allow yourself to be in the spaciousness that remains. Sit and be within the vastness of prana (life force), energy and potentials without any specifics.

I hope that you enjoy this meditation, and that if you’d like to explore further, that you will join me at SMC.  Lila Yoga Mindfulness Retreat offers us an amazing opportunity to release, recharge, and rejuvenate. Yoga and mindfulness together in the tranquil setting of SMC is perfect. The above meditation is a taste of what participants will experience.

About the Author:

Erica KaufmanYogacharya Erica Kaufman is the founder of Lila Yoga® and the owner of Lila Yoga Studios. Since 1984, she has taught ancient wisdom as a daily practice and holds the highest level of Registry with Yoga Alliance. Her teaching expertise and sophisticated gutsy openness awarded her Yoga Journal’s Karma Credit and features in publications such as The Times of India. Erica tours the USA, Europe, Israel and India teaching seminars on Lila Yoga® and Contact Improvisation. www.ericakaufman.com/

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