Beyond Suffering: At Home In Yourself (Part 2)

By Blake D. Bauer //

Through consistently living with our awareness focused on what is true in this moment, we empower ourselves to illuminate everything that is not honest, loving or healthy for us. Over time we’re able to identify the self-destructive thoughts and habits that keep us running from or not caring for ourselves. By making the choice to focus our consciousness on how we feel now, we’re empowered to bring a loving presence deep into our being, which is the only way to transform whatever is currently sabotaging our health, happiness or capacity to connect authentically now. Through relating to ourselves with this degree of kindness and honesty, we eventually realize that the inner freedom we’re seeking is already available right here in this very moment. It is simply accessible to the degree that we speak and act based on our true feelings, needs and desires today. Beyond liberating ourselves from the vicious cycles of feeling held back by the past or being worried about the future, through coming home to our breathing and body in this very moment, we discover that there’s always been an ocean of love, peace, joy and wisdom within us beneath the anxiety, insecurity, fear, confusion and unhappiness that torture us.

From a broader perspective, this moment is also our pathway home to God, to the unlimited creative force of the universe, which lives and has its being through us. In other words, this moment is also where we experience our oneness with the infinite, loving intelligence that created and sustains all life on our planet as well as all that exists throughout the entire universe. Practically speaking, when we’re present to each breath, our inner wellspring of wisdom can expand from deep within us and provide us with the necessary insight to move forward in our personal growth and spiritual evolution. When we open our being to this ever-present source of clarity and knowing, we simultaneously open ourselves to the entire universal field of consciousness and energy that permeates everything that exists. This field that we’re at one with, but most often closed to, then comes pouring through our being, supporting us and illuminating exactly what we must transform, heal and let go of in order to feel great within ourselves and enjoy our daily life. At the end of every spiritual discipline, once every thought has run its course back into the formless and unlimited potential from which it was born, we find that this moment exists eternally as the one and only gateway home to finding peace, health and loving connection. The suffering, restlessness, unhappiness and dis-ease that we experience are merely forms of homesickness guiding us to slow down, relax and simply enjoy the miracle of our life today.

Except from international bestselling book You Were Not Born To Suffer

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About the Author

Blake D. BauerBlake D. Bauer is an internationally recognized author, counselor, qigong master, and alternative medicine practitioner. His best-selling book You Were Not Born To Suffer and pioneering work focus on unconditional self-love as the key to self-healing, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and awakening spiritually. Bringing together what he’s found to be the most effective spiritual practices and holistic approaches to well-being, Blake’s work has successfully guided thousands of people around the world to greater health and freedom in mind and body. //

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