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In this interview Michael Gayner talks about how he developed an interest in Feng Shui, and describes the many ways in which developing a relationship with the land has impacted him and supported his path over the years.

“It’s really about entering into a sense of openhearted possibility, curiosity, and playfulness and letting go of some of the constraints, embarrassment, shyness, sense of inadequacy… There are ways of connecting and experiencing that are profoundly deep and profoundly joyful…”

Walk the land with  Michael at DMC this September!

About Michael Gayner

Michael Gayner lived at Drala Mountain Center from 2010 until early 2023, serving as the COO and Executive Director. One of the first, and perhaps the most valuable pieces of advice he received from a previous ED was to allow the land to support him. This led to over a decade of hiking the land and developing a deep appreciation for the many ways in which the flora, fauna and less tangible presences illuminated and enriched his life. In his previous incarnations, Michael co-owned a benefits management company, taught and studied in Japan and China for five years and earned a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Toronto.

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