The Fresh Eye: Red

close up of red berries

by Barb Colombo, 11:11 Productions

The desire to capture the tiniest moments that beat across the human condition cannot be stopped. Whether it’s a mother’s embrace,  a bride’s blush, a groom’s tears, or a yoga practitioner gliding into the perfect backbend, the world begs to be captured by my camera. The woman’s connection to her sisters, the blade of grass weeping with rain, or the community of a land, they all call to me to be recorded, remembered, felt. It is my hope that you feel or see things you may have overlooked before only to see them again through these perspectives.

close up of red berries

Photographing at the Shambhala Mountain Center drops one right into the realm of feeling divinely inspired. From the minute you step on the land; up that long, dirt drive; a gentle sensation of transformation starts to happen. To say I was greatly impacted and inspired by this time would be an understatement. My immersion has left me feeling a surprising sense of connection in a very short period of time; with images that reveal the magic that occurs here.

tree branch in rain

couple in front of red barn

Barbara Colombo has an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and works as a freelance photographer in her Boulder based photo business 11:11 Productions Photography. She has won numerous awards and exhibited her work internationally in both galleries and publications. She loves working with people and is also an avid gardener. Her photographic passion for people has also extended into the botanical world revealing deep mysteries of the plant world. One thing you might not know about her is she passed out in midair while on a tandem sky dive jump in New Zealand.

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