The Art of Leadership: Perspectives from an Executive Protection Specialist

By Isaac Ferland, 4RT Instructor

If you asked ten people to define leadership, chances are you would receive ten different answers. From corporate leaders to leaders of teams providing protection for those corporate leaders, leadership is a vital component of any successful venture, and in my experience as a leader in executive protection and business, it is paramount. Over the years, we here at 4RT have built up a wealth of experience not only in providing physical security but also in shaping strategy, making critical decisions, and leading teams in high-pressure situations. We would like to share some key principles of leadership that we have acquired from our experience. These are a just a few principles that our upcoming program will focus on.

Leadership is a Process, Not a Position

First and foremost, effective leadership is not about holding a position of power, but rather about the process of influence and guidance. It starts with you the individual leading yourself. It is also about fostering trust and rapport with your team, helping give them what they need to be successful in their role and reach their potential. In our course, we’ll put you to the test exploring how to apply these principles above in a team environment built for learning. You should be able to grow and take it back and apply it in your own day to day life, irrespective of your formal role or authority.

Owning your actions

The leadership principle of ownership, particularly owning your own actions, is one of the foundational pillars of effective leadership. It embodies the understanding and acceptance that as a leader, you are accountable for your decisions and actions, both successes and failures. It signifies taking responsibility rather than shying away or blaming others when things don’t go as planned. When leaders take ownership, they set an example of accountability and integrity for their team. It encourages transparency, fosters trust, and creates a safe environment where mistakes are treated as opportunities for growth rather than reasons for blame. Ultimately, owning your actions serves as a powerful leadership model that promotes personal responsibility, continuous improvement, and high ethical standards within the team and organization.

Always under observation

Always being under observation revolves around the concept that we as leaders, whether we are aware of it or not, are continually being watched and evaluated by our team and peers based on our decisions and actions. Every action taken, decision made, or reaction in times of challenge, becomes a defining moment that shapes the team’s perception of us as a leader. This perpetual scrutiny extends beyond the boardroom meetings and operational decisions, encapsulating even the smallest of behaviors and interpersonal interactions. It brings to the forefront the importance of authenticity, consistency, and integrity in leadership.

Come grow with us

The principles of leadership are universal, applicable across all industries and fields. Whether you are a leader of a corporate team, a protective detail, or a leader of yourself looking to excel in your daily life, the tenets of effective leadership remain the same. With our upcoming course, our goal is to provide an environment with unique experiences and give hands-on learning to help you broaden your principles of leadership. We look forward to helping you on your journey to grow into a more effective, adaptable, and confident leader.

About Isaac Ferland

Isaac is a United States Marine Corps veteran who spent his time as a team leader and squad leader tackling various leadership challenges around the world. He has experience leading in challenging environments such as the arctic circle and the desert. Upon his completion of service, he started civilian life as a leader in the private security industry. Starting the journey in the corporate environment leading teams in industries such as cannabis, medical, mental health, and critical infrastructure security. Isaac Then transitioned into the high-risk Private security industry where he has led high-functioning teams of professionals solving leadership problems around the world for public figures and their intricate security needs. Isaac has dedicated his entire professional career to developing himself as a leader taking various courses of instruction and working with mentors to further his capacity in the private sector. Isaac is now one of the Co-Owners of 4RT and the chief instructor of the Leadership program that he has developed with the help of other experts, 4RT founders, and leaders in multiple industries.

Join Isaac, Kevin McDonald and Vajra Granelli at DMC!

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