SMC to Host Young Sangha Retreat


By Duncan  McNaught

It’s great to take time to sit and reflect in an environment that helps us uplift ourselves; to refresh by connecting with what’s important in our lives – inspiration and heart.

Young sangha members have been meeting for retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center for a number of years now, with generous pricing offered by SMC to assist those of us who often don’t have much money for retreat.

The foundation of this retreat will be to practice meditation in an “intensive” way together and to support each other in this practice. In addition, we’ll include activities such as a visit to the Kami Shrine and the Great Stupa. Depending on the skills and inclination of the attendees, we may also include Kasung drill practice, yoga, and other mindfulness-awareness practices. We’ll be living as a close community for the retreat, and we’ll plan our activities so as to include everyone.

SMC Meditation O'Hern - Web18

                                                                                                                                      Photo by Karen O’Hern

Here’s a brief outline of what we’ll be doing:

  • Friday afternoon and evening will be spent settling in. There will be an orientation and greeting after dinner.
  • Saturday morning we’ll meet to discuss our schedule and aspirations for the retreat.
  • Sunday evening we will have a celebration to formally close the retreat together.
  • Monday morning we are welcome to continue to use our shrine room, go up to the Stupa to practice, or hike.

You can stay for two nights (14th & 15th) for $120 or three nights (14-17th) for $180. This price includes dormitory accommodation and all meals.

To register or find out more please contact Duncan McNaught at or 720-240-6575.

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