Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart

Miksang Photograph 02


Miksang Photograph 02

In her new book, Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind and Heart, Julie DuBose asks “If we could live our lives in freshness, discovering our world anew everyday, and share that with our loved ones, would that be worth doing?”

Julie explains that when we really take the time to notice the richness around us we can learn to see the world in a different way: “without our thoughts separating us from the freshness of our experience.” By making one’s self available right now, this perception comes to meet the photographer in spontaneous and surprising ways. Learning to capture this visual clarity as it is is both an art form and a contemplative practice.

Michael Wood, the founder of the contemplative form of photography Miksang, will be teaching a workshop with Julie Dubose at Shambhala Mountain Center March 28-31, 2013. Click here to learn more.

Click here to read the Shambhala Times interview excerpt with Julie DuBose and Dan Hessey about Julie’s new book, Effortless Beauty: Photography as an Expression of Eye, Mind, and Heart.


“This is our world. It has a heart beat and our blood runs through it, like a river of life and feeling, with qualities of hard , soft, wet, smooth, full, empty, lonely and joyful.” -Julie Dubose



“The images are expressions of moments of direct perceptions for me. As you look at the images, you are looking through my eyes, my mind, and my heart.” -Julie Dubose

Miksang Photograph 04


“The richness that we have inherited as human beings is all around us, in the direct experience of the forms in our world: colors, textures, lines, light.” -Julie Dubose

Miksang Photography 01

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