New Year Intention

New Year’s Resolutions have earned quite a reputation with their knack for creating lofty, often unreachable, goals. And still, New Year Resolutions can be genuinely helpful in opening space for reflection, creating an opportunity to set clear intentions for the year to come.

In making resolutions we often envision what we would like to change about our lives: what to add, remove, or improve to become “better people.” With this approach, the whole thing can get a bit intense and self-aggressive. “I am never going to eat cake again, and I will meditate 2 hours a day if it kills me.”

So, how does the ritual of New Years Resolutions change, when instead of developing a wish list, we start with our basic human qualities? Acknowledging that we aspire to do good, to be kind, that we wish for happiness and that fundamentally, we have everything we need to realize these virtues?

This is the question Jon Barbieri is inviting us to explore in the upcoming New Year retreat: “Take a Leap Into 2013: Establish Your Intention and Commitment.”

Join us for this special program and allow your aspirations for the New Year to become clear, confident and committed through reflection and renewal. Because really, how to better celebrate New Year’s Eve than with a delicious full-course dinner on the magical starry land of Shambhala Mountain Center?



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