New Year, New Plans, Big Vision

Thanks to our generous donors’ support, we have raised $101,578.61 of our $125,000 goal. Each gift will continue our mission to help people from all over the world experience their own goodness and wisdom.

Though we have come far thanks to the work and generosity of many, we recognize that a major shift is needed to move away from the stress of making ends meet and into a situation where the vision of SMC can flourish.

As you may know, Shambhala Mountain has faced financial challenges for many years, challenges which were exacerbated by a natural disaster and a severe economic recession.  A mix of community support, blessings of the Shambhala lineage and other genuine wisdom traditions hosted here, intelligent planning and simple good fortune has made a seemingly impossible situation workable.

Video: SMC in the Beginning

Alex Halpern (above) came to the land that would become Shambhala Mountain Center in 1972. In this video, Alex gives a personal count of Shambhala Mountain Center’s first years.

We recognize that in order to foster long-term financial sustainability we must:

  •  take a realistic look at SMC’s debt and operating expenses
  •  evaluate our array of programs and activities
  •  consider both new and improved opportunities to generate income

To that end, the SMC Governing Council and key staff are working on a Five-Year Strategic Plan. This plan will put us on solid footing to fulfill our mission effectively and meaningfully and will include a holistic approach to the development of SMC, including financial analysis, capital development, clarity and development of program streams as well as professional and community training for the staff.

We will regularly provide updates on the Plan, with the next briefing to be presented before Shambhala Day. We will also be sharing our End of Year Report with donors in early February.

The help and support of our donors have offered through the years has kept our doors open. To those of you who donate to SMC, thank you so much for the essential role you have played in preserving SMC’s sacred land and transformative programming. Shambhala Mountain Center would not exist without you.

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