An Invitation from Our Thanksgiving Hosts



Greetings friends,

We are so delighted to be spending Thanksgiving at beautiful Shambhala Mountain Center next month and we hope that many of you can join us. We’ll make ourselves into a community for these fews days, sharing a variety of human delights: meditation, yoga, the Stupa, the wonderful SMC fall weather, food, drink, music and family.

Our plan for the three days is simple: to create a warm and vibrant space where we can share good cheer, good food and good conversation with one another. Mornings will include children’s activities so parents can join in yoga and/or meditation practice sessions. Afternoons can be spent together (we’re planning a short guided hike up to the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya for a tour of its many wonders), or on your own, reading, wandering and resting. In the evenings we invite you to bring your favorite musical instrument–or simply your music appreciation–and relax with us by the lodge fireplace in song (and, if you’re so inspired, in the added glow of Chanukah lights).

Oh, and for Thanksgiving we’ll dine together in the late afternoon in Sacred Studies Hall, enjoying tasty servings of fowl, grains, greens, wine and sweets, provided by SMC’s gracious staff, and with some pitching in by the rest of us.

If this sounds good, join us…make it a plan!

Warm wishes,

Dan and Melanie

To register for just Thanksgiving Day, please click here.

To read more information about the extended weekend retreat and to register, click here.


Acharya Daniel Hessey

Acharya Daniel Hessey has been a student of Shambhala Buddhism since 1971 and has taught extensively throughout the U.S. and South America. Since 2004, he has studied the I Ching with Eva Wong, a Taoist Qigong lineage holder and translator of classical Chinese texts. Dan is a former director of Shambhala Mountain Center and now serves on its board of directors.

Melanie Klein

Melanie Klein has taught Shambhala programs and meditation since 2003, and served as Co-Director of the Los Angeles Shambhala Center. She is completing her Masters in Divinity at Naropa University.

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