Enjoying the Journey

Help people all over the world come together and explore their own goodness and wisdom.

Whether it’s the coyote trotting across an open field or the snow sparkling on top of the buddha

behind Sacred Studies, Shambhala Mountain Center’s natural beauty and impactful programs offer a constant incentive to wake up.

We need your help to preserve SMC for future generations.

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The last 2 years have been a nonstop, inspiring and somewhat bumpy ride. I’m both glad and thankful that, as a SMC supporter, you are traveling this road with me.

Our most recent adventure involved our kitchen, which was in need of some intensive TLC. It was renovated with the help of several generous donors and a grant from the Shambhala Trust. We also implemented a new management structure, welcomed several new members into our senior management team and redesigned our Gift Store website and phone system.

We couldn’t have done any of this without our community’s ongoing support! Thank you.

Weathering Change
SMC is happy to have Acharya Allyn Lyon join the community as our resident teacher.

In this video, Acharya Lyon, a previous SMC Director, shares just how beautiful, sacred and, at times, unpredictable SMC can be.

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The unique setting of SMC has magnetized students and teachers from all over the world. Each weekend, as our program participants arrive, I am reminded that we have a precious, unique and delicate situation at SMC. As part of the SMC community, you have probably experienced the transformative power of SMC’s sacred, untamed land.

Your end of the year gift is essential to preserving SMC as a place for future generations to enjoy and learn.

Though the mountains are rugged and the Stupa well-built, SMC itself relies on your continued support. Your donations bridge the gap between the cost of offering affordable, impactful programs and the money generated by programs.

Please consider offering a gift to support SMC.

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As we learn into the future, we continue to develop more and better ways to be a support for Shambhala and other genuine wisdom traditions that celebrate and strengthen our understanding of human goodness.

To all of you who have offered support, thank you so much for your generosity!



We had some furry visitors come through the land last week! Here you see them enjoying what is left of the fall foliage in front of facilities manager Mike Dean’s house.

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