2013 Summer Dathun Photos

Here are the before and after photos of twelve courageous 2013 Summer Dathun participants.

We thank them for their generosity in allowing us to use their images to share with you the profound humanity and beauty that may arise by the virtue of a full month of sitting meditation.


Abby Pennington(a) Abby Pennington(b)
Caitlin Bargenquest(a) Caitlin Bargenquest(b)
Carol Potter(a) Carol Potter(b)
Charlie Valeska(a) Charlie Valeska(b)
D'Arcy Colby(a) D'Arcy Colby(b)
Jen Crow(a) Jen Crow(b)
Jodi Vanbezooyen(a) Jodi Vanbezooyen(b)
Kate Raddock(a) Kate Raddock(b)
Kathy Todd(a)Mariah Helfrich(a)Michael Uhila(a)William O'Connor(a) Kathy Todd(b)
Mariah Helfrich(b)Michael Uhila(b)William O'Connor(b)


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