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[WATCH] Susan Piver on Writing as a Liberatory Practice

November 25, 2020

If meditation is about releasing attachment to thoughts, why would anyone want to put them in ink? If this…

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[VIDEO] Susan Piver Gets Personal

February 11, 2020

And that's part of what makes her such a great teacher. She notes that she doesn't have fancy credentials,…

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Susan Piver on Meditation

January 3, 2020

By Susan Piver // When you can honestly say I am comfortable in myself, the world opens up in a way…

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Susan Piver on Meditation and Creativity

October 16, 2019

By Susan Piver // The other day, I read a tweet from someone looking for advice about taking up…

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[VIDEO] Susan Piver on Fearlessly Creative: A Meditation and Writing Retreat

October 18, 2018

Susan Piver has led the annual Fearlessly Creative: A Meditation and Writing Retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center for the past several…

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How I Discovered the Four Noble Truths of Love

May 3, 2018

By Susan Piver // Some time ago, my husband, Duncan, and I were locked in a state of ongoing…

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Susan Piver on the Benefits of Meditation

February 17, 2018

By Susan Piver // A comprehensive list of all the benefits of meditation would be very long indeed. My…

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On Being a Teacher

July 12, 2017

By Susan Piver // I just finished teaching two retreats at Dechen Choling Retreat Center in France, “The Open…

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Join Lodro and Susan for a Post-Election Metta Session

November 7, 2016

In the midst of this dark and dizzying presidential election, a sense of peace and loving-kindness may not always…

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WATCH: Susan Piver on Writing, Magic, and Meditation

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September 15, 2016

You probably already know who Susan Piver is — because she is famous for helping people through her writing.…

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Q&A: Susan Piver Discusses the Writer’s Groove and “Fearlessly Creative”

December 18, 2013

By Travis Newbill Susan Piver leads Fearlessly Creative: A Meditation and Writing Retreat, December 20-23 A couple of common…

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Meditation & Creativity

March 14, 2013

New York Times bestselling author Susan Piver will be teaching an Open Heart Retreat April 5-8 at the Shambhala…

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