Yoga Retreats

Writing from the Body

Katharine Kaufman

June 15–18, 2023

What word, what act, was it we thought did not matter? ~Jane Hirshfield Drala Mountain Center is a perfect place for writing, with its hidden places, big views, and quiet atmosphere. The focus of the weekend is to support the practice of writing by listening to your memory body, present moments, and the land. You’ll […]

Lila Yoga® Mindfulness Retreat—The Art & Science of Feeling Fresh!

Erica Kaufman

June 16–19, 2023

Living with contentment is a key component in our wellbeing. The ability to release, relax, and sometimes embrace heaviness without guilt are all part of our wellness. Joy can unfold easily from contentment and give rise to the quiet power of yoga—the spring-well of freshness. It’s a marvelous refreshing experience to feel invigorated by peaceful […]

Wisdom of the Body: Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Katharine Kaufman

September 14–17, 2023

“Katharine was wonderful, creating a safe nurturing tone and establishing community among us. She was both teacher/guide and fellow student herself – a powerful connection. She shared herself with us, and in doing so allowed us to share of ourselves.” “Katharine is as real and honest as it gets. She taught me so much, and […]