Recording of Q&A with Michael Gayner and Acharya Hessey

This Live Q&A has ended.

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    • Ryan Stagg says:

      Hi Edwin, looks like you’re in a different timezone. We’ll be live at 6pm MT, in about an hour and a half.

  1. darice ambrose says:

    i am curious about a space on the land for us as we become elderly and might be able to spend the end of our days there . . . . thank you

  2. Susan Neumeier says:

    Right now, I know you are concentrating on present problems and future plans. However, I’d like to know what Shambhala Mountain is doing to record and protect its history; so many wonderful teachings by great teachers have been given there. For example, I’m involved in a 20 year project collecting the teaching of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche. And Inhave no idea how to access the tapes stored at Shambhala Mountain. How can we help you organize and protect your heritage?

  3. Greg Heffron says:

    Thank you both and the staff so much for your bottomless heart, insight and energy through this time of deep challenge. And great presentation Michael, even with a cold! Deep bows of gratitude and much love to everyone there.

  4. Arvin Aldridge says:

    It seems good that you are excluding anyone who believe in conservative politics and adopting this notion of protecting people from pain and discomfort. That is obviously the purpose of Buddhism-to shield people from pain and to create a society separate from pain. I see that you are adopting the language of the left, and are deciding clearly to eschew any conservative values. But is there anything you think that conservatism has to offer?

  5. Erica Cohen says:

    Congratulations for all of your hard and heartfelt work during this tumultuous year.
    It warms my heart to know that SMC is thriving.

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