Amendment to SMC Bylaws

In response to concerns raised by donors, presenters and participants regarding the need for Shambhala Mountain Center (“SMC”) to establish greater autonomy from the Sakyong Potrang (“SP”), SMC’s Board of Directors (“Board”) worked with SMC staff and leadership, and in early 2019 initiated discussions with the SP to amend the SMC Bylaws.

SMC is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and a tax exempt charitable nonprofit organization. When SMC was formed, the SP had four specific powers in the Bylaws in regard to the governance of SMC. The SP had exclusive authority to:

  1. 1. Amend the Bylaws;
  2. 2. Amend the Articles of Incorporation;
  3. 3. Appoint and remove Directors; and
  4. 4. Sell all or substantially all of the assets of SMC.


In January of 2020, SMC and the SP agreed to amend the Bylaws to grant those powers to the SMC Board, with the SP retaining veto power in those four areas. In all other areas of governance and management of SMC, SMC’s Executive Director and Board have full authority and responsibility.

In November of 2021, both the SP and the SMC Board recognized this arrangement to be no longer necessary, and the SP agreed to relinquish the veto powers and its seat on the SMC Board.

We are grateful for the support and understanding of the SP in accommodating these changes.