What is Drala?

This is a wonderful, open question. We have some ideas but we don’t have all the answers!

Drala is a Tibetan word that doesn’t have a simple translation. Trungpa Rinpoche described it as “energy beyond aggression.” Drala can refer to the wisdom accessed through the sense perceptions.

Another definition is “people or places that cut through one’s habitual chain of thoughts.” Drala Mountain Center is such a place, where the land itself — the weather, the flora and fauna, the creatures and features of this hidden mountain valley — combine to bring us into direct contact with the present moment, with the wisdom that is our birthright.

Many cultures and traditions point to this experience, of opening to wisdom that is beyond just one’s self. It’s universal and yet it’s hard to explain, as it is so experiential. We invite you to develop your own understanding of and relationship to drala. Drala Mountain provides a container for guests and teachers to explore and connect with wisdom. The dralas of this land support the programs we host and thereby help in fulfilling our mission of bringing people together to experience wisdom.

How would you define drala? We invite you to share your thoughts, images, memories and experiences.