Sara Buck

Sara has been a student and instructor of yoga asana for eleven years. She has taught students from the ages of three to ninety. Her inspiration is to assist in the process of helping as many humans as possible find the healing benefits of these physical and energetic practices. She has experienced that many people feel trapped inside of their bodies rather than feeling liberated, and hopes to help in reversing this effect. She teaches a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Ashtanga inspired, Restorative, Yin, the cultivation of Shakti energy, elements of Qi Gong, and dance. She has an emphasis on breath/movement synchronization and safe and accurate alignment. Sara loves to combine elements of all that she offers intuitively to fit the needs of the class or student.

Upcoming Programs by Sara Buck

Retreat & Renewal

Also Dr. Nashalla Nyinda

December 16–18, 2022

Teachers: Nashalla Nyinda and Sara Buck Discover relaxation and wakefulness in our pristine mountain environment. Our Retreat and Renewal programs offer contemplative approaches for working with the fullness of daily modern life, bringing insight and inspiration to career, family, health, relationships, and personal endeavors of all kinds. Join us for a spacious retreat that allows […]