Richard Rudis

Richard Rudis is a pioneer and teacher in the field of sacred sound healing, an author, and a long-time student of Vajrayana Buddhism. A pilgrim of Himalayan sacred sites, he has received teachings in sacred sound instruments for ritual and healing. His unique playing craftsmanship is a fusion of sacred sound techniques, tantric education, engineering background and Buddhist principles.
 While in Tibet in 1996 he was granted refuge in the Buddha via His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa (17th reincarnation and head of the Kagyu lineage). His Holiness renamed him Sonam Dorje (Meritorious Thunderbolt). Richard has been teaching the Buddhist Dharma of Vibrational Healing internationally for twenty years.  In his musical work, he creates a Sound Mandala, known as a “Gong Bath™”, which is known to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healing.  Richard began teaching Sacred Sound Workshops in the 1990s, and formalized the curriculum in 2008 by joining with the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School <link to school> in California.