Loden Nyima

Gelong Loden Nyima is a fully ordained Buddhist monk. He lived at Gampo Abbey from 2009 – 2017 where he practiced intensively, completed Shedra studies, and served in various roles including as a Shastri. He now lives at Drala Mountain Center where he serves as Resident Teacher and a founding faculty member for the Summer Seminar and other programs. He spends a portion of each year in retreat, frequently travels to continue his own dharma education, and can often be seen jogging around the land at DMC.

Upcoming Programs by Loden Nyima

The Art of Meditation: A Weeklong Retreat

December 16–23, 2022

Meditation is ultimately a process of accepting and befriending ourselves completely, all the way to our natural basic goodness.  In the process we will encounter not only our innate ability to truly rest and rejuvenate, but as well lots of ups and downs, strong emotions, unprocessed material, cycles of inspiration and discouragement, and questions about […]

Silent Meditation Intensive: The Cradle of Loving-Kindness

January 13–15, 2023

In today’s speedy world, we are all in need of kindness to ourselves. This two-day practice intensive is designed for meditators looking to take a deep dive into their practice. This weekend is spent in silence to offer ourselves space to settle, on the sacred land of Drala Mountain Center and with an experienced instructor. […]

Authentic Presence: Reawakening Spiritual Confidence

Also Michael Carroll and Susan Piver

July 1–14, 2023

A two-week meditation retreat offered in partnership with The Wisdom Seat, the Open Heart Project, and Drala Mountain Center Our modern life presents us with a profound spiritual paradox: while we build remarkable technology, impressive resources, and growing prosperity, we also encounter a world filled with numbing devices, growing  anxiety and distressing poverty. We build […]