Women, Food, & Forgiveness: The Heroine’s Journey

Marcella Friel

April 19–23, 2017

Tuition $250 + 4 nights

Do you feel pain around your relationship with food? Does the task of healing your relationship with food seem overwhelming? Perhaps you’ve tried to forgive yourself but you just find yourself stuck in the same old patterns.

Join mindful eating coach Marcella Friel in this extraordinary 5-day retreat for women, where she will guide you step-by-step through the Heroine’s Journey of unconditional forgiveness and liberation.

Through meditation, journaling, discussion, ritual, and a simple stress-relief tool called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), you will:

• Understand why you can’t heal your relationship with food without forgiveness
• Embark on the path of forgiveness (it’s not what you think)
• Make friends with your binges, cravings, and other patterns of self-sabotage
• Receive support as you summon the courage to forgive unconditionally
• Discover gratitude for what’s been given, what’s been taken away, and what’s been left behind

You will leave this retreat feeling like you’ve lost 150 emotional pounds.

Watch Marcella speak about gratitude in the context of Shambhala Teachings.



Here’s what participants have said about Marcella’s previous Mindful Eating programs at Shambhala Mountain Center and elsewhere:

“Marcella was a wonderful educator/facilitator! Clear message, skillful training and heartfelt presence!! The training on EFT will be a highly useful tool that I will integrate into my life.”

“The program was an excellent balance of content, meditation, skill training and reflection!”

“I have not binged since that weekend with Marcella. I have not even wanted my ginger cookies that I have been totally addicted to for years now. I thought the result would be fleeting, but here I am weeks later without the cravings.” — Karen G.

“I was impressed with how quickly Marcella was able to help me tap on deep-seated emotions that I have carried around for decades. Within five minutes of tapping and speaking with Marcella, I was released of that intense pain.” — Katie V.

“Marcella is warm and funny and creates the safest space for everyone to have their most successful experience of themselves—creating a new vision of healthy food choices while calming the fears of failure.” — Cheryl R.

“Thank you for offering a safe and open environment for me to become more aware of my relationship with food. The experience was so positive that I would definitely come to your workshop again. Thanks you so much for sharing your knowledge and insights with such empathy.” — Pat S. 

Marcella Friel

Marcella Friel is a mindful eating mentor who helps health-conscious women love and forgive themselves, their food, and their figure. She is the founder of the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy, an online program to help women cultivate unconditional self-love as the path to sustainable body-weight balance. Over 50,000 women have experienced profound transformation through Marcella’s best-selling courses on DailyOM and through her book, Tap, Taste, Heal: Use Emotional Freedom Techniques to Eat Joyfully and Love Your Body. Marcella lives in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado.
Visit Marcella’s website to learn more about her and her work.


Program Details

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