Director of Health & Safety


Drala Mountain Center is seeking a residential Director of Health & Safety. This full-time position is unique given the residential nature of much of DMC’s staff/community and the remoteness of our location. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Emergency Response
    • Act as the primary point of contact and respond to medical, security, fire, and other emergencies, which includes monitoring a radio 24 hours a day during all work days.
    • Train & schedule others to assist with emergency response.
    • Coordinate & debrief with first responders during and after emergencies.
    • Monitor emergency voicemail.
    • Maintain adequate stock of radios and batteries.
  • Community Conflict Support & Working with Code of Ethics Violations
    • Assist with community conflict resolution.
    • Assist in evaluating Code of Ethics grievances that may involve staff, guests, teachers, etc.
    • Serve an integral role in determining and implementing consequences for Code of Ethics violations and other actions warranting adverse consequences.
  • Guest Education
    • Develop methods to orient guests to health & safety information specific to their stay at DMC.
  • Trainings
    • Organize & plan training sessions, including AED, CPR, first aid, and mental health first aid training. 
  • Health
    • Serve as point of contact for ill staff and guests, including organizing meal delivery.
    • Maintain AED units.
    • Maintain infirmary, first aid kits, other medical supplies, including COVID tests.
  • Fire
    • Maintain relationships with local volunteer firefighters.
    • Monitor fire conditions & communicate relevant information to staff & guests.
    • Create & implement evacuation plans and procedures.
    • Renew open air burn permits.
    • Communicate with local fire authorities before ceremonial fires.
    • Maintain landwide fire extinguishers.
  • Approximately 3 hours per week: dishwashing shifts or similar cleaning tasks.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior working relationship with DMC or similar residential retreat center.
  • Has an understanding of and commitment to DMC’s mission and values.
  • Experience in working in high-stress environments.
  • Prior training & experience in de-escalation and conflict resolution.
  • Detail oriented, proactive, and patient team player.
  • Ease in working independently yet within the structure of an organization with multiple channels of communication.
  • Ability to track many projects over time.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Established meditation practice.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Overtime exempt annual salary for full-time work.
  • Low-cost housing & meal plan (currently $375.00 per month total).
  • DMC vehicle for on-land and job-specific off-site use.
  • Participation in SMC’s Paid Time Off and Paid Sick Leave program (estimated 10 days of PTO accrued in first year of employment, 12 days in second year, 15 days in third and fourth years, 20 days in fifth and subsequent years).
  • Free participation in staff classes and programs.

To apply, please email resume and letter of interest to